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Inside Out Camping have six Yurts at Seatoller Farm Campsite in the Borrrowdale Valley near Keswick. All six yurts are 16ft in diameter which will accommodate four on futon style beds and an additional fifth person on a blow up mattress if necessary. The outside cover is made from a thick poly cotton canvas, which is light, and neutral in colour.

The inside of the Yurts are high enough so you don’t need to bend down when walking around. The internal frames are made from ash and oak, which are light in colour and aesthetically pleasing, whilst still being very strong to cope with anything the British weather can throw at them.

Some things you will find in our Yurts:
  • Wood burning stoves - keeping you cosy.
  • Raised wooden floors covered in thick woollen rugs.
  • A well equipped and functional kitchen, including all the things you are likely to need to cook and dine in style.
  • Gas hobs and grill with no charge for gas.
  • Games box, full of games retro and new for times when you’re just too comfortable to go outside.
  • Comfortable futon style beds consisting of a double and two single futon style beds which conveniently turn into seating during the day. We also provide freshly laundered linen for all beds including cotton sheets, pillows and duvets.
  • Large central skylight, to bring the inside to life and for amazing stargazing when the lights go out.
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